Do Richard's books need to be read in order?
Although the novels in his two series can be read as standalones, reading them in the order of publication would probably provide the most enjoyment.

The Kevin Byrne / Jessica Balzano series:
1. The Rosary Girls (2005) (UK Edition 2006)
2. The Skin Gods (2006) (UK Edition 2007)
3. Merciless (UK title Broken Angels) (2007)
4. Badlands (UK title Play Dead) (2008)
5. The Echo Man (2011) (US Digital Edition)
6. The Killing Room (2012) (UK only)
7. The Stolen Ones (2014) (UK Edition / US Edition)
8. The Doll Maker (2015) (UK Edition / US Edition)
9. Shutter Man (UK Edition / US Edition)

The John Paris series:
1. Deviant Way (UK title Deviant Ways, rereleased as Don't Look Now) (1997/2011)
2. Kiss of Evil (2001; Reissued in UK 2010)

Standalone books:
1. The Violet Hour (1998; reissued in UK 2010)
2. The Devil's Garden (2009) (Released in the US as Deathless)

Short Stories
1. A Christmas Killing / A Kevin Byrne Short Story (U.S. Edition / U.K. Edition)

What's ne
The ninth Byrne/Balzano thriller, Shutter Man, is now available in hardcover and digital in the UK, published by Sphere.  In the US it is published by Mulholland Books.

Have any of Richard's books been made into films?

His Philadelphia series is currently under consideration for both a dramatic feature film and a miniseries.

Are the books available in other languages?
Richard's novels are published in more than thirty countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Spain, China, Japan, Indonesia, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Bulgaria, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, and many others.

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